Digital Platform

[2nd version of the platform]

The consortium partner Dataproces is designing and building a digital platform for the project:

The first Beta-version (image below) is designed to help the users of it gain a richer understanding of open data and how you might use it meaningfully. In the first release of the platform, the following features are implemented: ‘Build Insights’, ‘Build Concepts’, ‘Build App’ and ‘Build Business’. Through these features the user is invited to follow a step-by-step development journey that begins by establishing an understanding of open data.

Continually Dataproces develop the platform. During 2017 they launched a 2nd iteration preparing for the O4C Hackathons in the Autumn of 2017 (image above).  The aim is to build a platform with potential to stimulate, trigger and support a broad spectrum of citizens curious about open data all across Europe – both within the project and beyond. The

The image above link you to the 2nd version of the platform – still under refinement during Spring 2018. Below you find the link to the 1st iteration of the platform.

OpenDataLab Website[1st version of the platform]