Digitization provides new opportunities and we want to take advantage of that. In order to give citizens and other actors the chance to become more involved in the community development.

Through events and meetings on equal terms and in citizens own context, we have created trustful and respectful relations for co-creation, as a basis for the Hackathon cycle and for a persistent work in the district Kronoparken.

The project is a partnership consisting of the County Council of Värmland, Experio Lab, Karlstad University, Karlstad Innovation Park, the Swedish research institute RISE, the NGO Ett Öppnare Kronoparken and Karlstad municipality.


During the pre-hack phase a number of workshops, jams and qualitative interviews were carried out, with different stakeholders and within different themes. All to get a good basis of needs, insights and ideas for our teams in the hackathon. This resulted in four different cases:

  1. Our health data — where we live!
  2. Data ♥ Fritidsbanken
  3. Data to meet on Kronoparken
  4. Talk about health // Meet the public health care

Hackathon for Health

On November 12 – 13 2016, we organized Hackathon for Health. For two days we worked in teams where citizens, employees from the health care sector, students and companies from the IT and communications business together created prototypes and new solutions. During one weekend we had 35 people creating four exciting conceptual solutions, all about how you can improve peoples’ everyday life and health on Kronoparken.


  • Relevant cases based on relevant needs on Kronoparken
  • Four sharp pitches based on actual needs
  • 35 satisfied participants who want to continue exploring new ways in investigating the potential of open data for new welfare services
  • Potential for ideas to be developed at Karlstad Innovation Park
  • A strong partnership between university, health care, civil society, Karlstad Innovation Park and the research institute RISE
  • 2000 lines of code


As soon as the hack was over, post-hack begins! Post-hack phase means going into a period where we will evaluate, learn and package the results.

The organizers of Hackathon for Health are particularly happy that so many participants want to continue working in creative processes across boundaries.

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Hackathon for health