Milano@Work: A new ‘Hackathoned’ Service for Milano

As a Featured Story from the Open4Citizens project, the team in Milano shares some of their successful post-hack achievements:

The rationale of the first hackathon cycle of the Milano pilot was related to the citizens growing need for transparency on urban transformations. These were turned into three challenges, being the outcome of the repeated interactions between the Politecnico di Milano’s “policy entrepreneurs” and some of the most active citizen groups. These were also used to feed the hackathon event:

  • avvisaMI (“I want to be warned!”) — or, how can the timeliness and completeness of the information disseminated by the Municipality and the companies in charge to the residents in the areas affected by the public works be improved by an appropriate use of open data?
  • cantieri che disastro! (“What a messy construction site!”) — or, how can the citizens living nearby be reassured and better informed/documented about the (low level of) impact of the existing construction sites on urban environment (air pollution, noise, etc.) as well as on the same people’s lifestyles (cycling lanes, green areas, traffic diversions etc.)?
  • parliamo di Milano (“Let’s speak about Milan!”) — or, how can the quality and effectiveness of civic participation in decision making on urban transformations be improved thanks to the use of open data and the development of new applications?

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