Follow-up and Post-hack process in Copenhagen

Continuing from the successful Hack Integration event several participants expressed an eagerness to participate in an active follow up phase. Building on their feedback the O4C team in Copenhagen have made their resources available to the 6 participating teams. This means engaging dialogue and ‘hooking them up’ with relevant stakeholders able to support their next possible steps.
Aiming to support further development and ideally creating
prototypes ready-for-testing or applications for early funding, we host a series of three Meetups to zoom in on the act of Pretotyping, reflecting all aspects of the Business Model Canvas and a start-up funding inspirational talk:

Overall, around 6-8 participants representing 4 teams joined in on our follow-up activity – while yet other participants pursue ideas ignited during Hack Integration in other contexts. One team in particular have joined an external start-up process through Væksthus Hovedstadsregionen.

November 10th 2016: ”Pre-to-typing”
Exposing participants to the idea of Pre-to-typing we proposed various ‘shortcuts’ to measuring the level of interest among an intended target group for a new idea. The aim is to invest as little as possible while learning as much as possible – making sure what teams are working on is the right thing to be build. The business aspects of their proposals need to be developed in parallel with their technical definitions.

November 23rd 2016: “Business Model Canvas”
During the second session we pushed teams to think strategically about each aspect of the Business Model Canvas for their concepts – focusing in particular on the core of their value proposition, infrastructure and finances.

December 8th 2016: “Start-up advice and early funding inspiration”
Through active dialogue and rich exemplification, entrepreneur, consultant and educational designer: Thor Rigtrup Larsen joins in to give advice on possibilities and next steps for the teams continually developing their ideas.

Looking ahead
We invite participants and teams to stay in dialogue with us and reach out in case of particular advice or support needed!


♥ Thank you for joining our efforts ♥