First Pre-Hack meeting for the Danish Pilot

Pre-hack ChallengesThe first Pre-hack meeting for the Copenhagen pilot was held at the VerdensKulturCentret to work around the experience of being a refugee, asylum seeker or otherwise ‘new’ in Denmark. From there we discussed and identified key challenges, needs and possibilities.
Among others, we considered the challenges of: Mastering their own life, access information, healthcare, rights and language skills, understand the Danish culture.

We will continue from here, to address those challenges and to prepare the ground (datasets, further links) for the coming work

The workshop allowed us to clarify the challenges we can work within a sort of ‘hackathon’. That is, an event in which we facilitate cooperation between citizens and experts with different academic and practical backgrounds and expertise. The aim is to create new services and solutions – or improve existing services. The concepts must make sense and be practical for asylum seekers and newcomers in Denmark – or for active groups supporting them.

We look forward to working with interested individuals and firms and bodies the next few years!

Thanks to all the dedicated participants that Thursday evening in VerdensKulturCentret attended our workshop. Also a big thank you to our Danish partners in Open4Citizens project!