Exciting platform ventures for 2017


The December Featured story on O4C Facebook teased out what exciting platform developments we intend to engage during 2017:

Dataproces designs and builds the digital platform for the Open4Citizens project: http://opendatalab.eu. The team responsible at Dataproces is in the middle of an agile innovation process with the purpose to develop for several groups of users. At one level, we design to assist all project partners in preparing the facilitation of the various Open4Citizens hackathons held across Europe. At another level, we design to give the participants in these events the best possible experiences. This means that we are dealing with users from different contexts and cultures who are all passionate about different topics and with varied expertise and preliminary knowledge about open data.

It is an interestingly complex task, and during 2016–the first year of development–we’ve been testing different tools for data visualization and concept development. Tools that we have proposed for the first round of project hackathons during autumn 2016.

As the project is continuously developing, we are keen to propose a similarly dynamic solution. Our goal is to be innovative about how to stimulate, trigger and support a broad spectrum of citizens, who are all curious about open data across Europe–within the project and beyond.

During 2017 we look forward to iterative exploration, development and test of the 2nd release of the platform. In the beginning of the new year, we want to zoom in on selected personas to develop relevant user journeys. With this approach, our goal is to build a framework for an improved platform–a “toolbox”–for curating a selection of relevant tools for analyzing, visualizing and using data together in a participatory design approach.

Our work is continually under development–you can find the current version at http://opendatalab.eu.

Input is always very welcome  We’re keen to be in dialogue!

Reach out to us at: mbt@dataproces.dk & as@dataproces.dk