• Digital Platform

    OpenDataLab Website

    The consortium partner Dataproces is designing and building a digital platform for the project: http://opendatalab.eu

    The current Beta-version is designed to help the users of it gain a richer understanding of open data and how you might use it meaningfully. In the first release of the platform, the following features are implemented: ‘Build Insights’, ‘Build Concepts’, ‘Build App’ and ‘Build Business’. Through these features the user is invited to follow a step-by-step development journey that begins by establishing an understanding of open data.

    So far focus have been on different tools for data visualisation and concept development. Continually we are developing the platform and during Spring 2017 we intend to launch a 2nd iteration preparing for the O4C Hackathons of 2017. We aim to build a platform with potential to stimulate, trigger and support a broad spectrum of citizens curious about open data all across Europe – both within the project and beyond.