• Framing Design to support Social Innovation: The Open4Citizens Project (presented at Design for Next Conference)

    by  • April 22, 2017

    Nicola Morelli, Marc Aguillar, Grazia Concilio, Amalia De Götzen, Ingrid Mulder, Janice Pedersen, Louise Klitgaard Torntoft Abstract: In the recent years, new forms of organisation have emerged, that have a disruptive power over the existing social and economic system. This phenomenon is challenging the traditional design approach, based on the idea that designers could...

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    A fit-for-purpose framework for embedded evaluation:

    by  • January 30, 2017

    REFINING OUR EVALUATION OF CITIZEN-CENTRED, OPEN DATA-DRIVEN SERVICE INNOVATION The January Featured story on O4C Facebook gives a detailed insight into how we continually reflect, adjust and refine our evaluation framework – to best capture important insights and learnings: The first cycle of activity in the Open4Citizens project was completed in December 2016. Based...

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    Exciting platform ventures for 2017

    by  • January 20, 2017

    DEVELOPING A DIGITAL PLATFORM THAT STIMULATES OPEN DATA EXPLORATION ACROSS EUROPE The December Featured story on O4C Facebook teased out what exciting platform developments we intend to engage during 2017: Dataproces designs and builds the digital platform for the Open4Citizens project: http://opendatalab.eu. The team responsible at Dataproces is in the middle of an agile innovation process...

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    Follow-up and Post-hack process in Copenhagen

    by  • January 19, 2017

    Continuing from the successful Hack Integration event several participants expressed an eagerness to participate in an active follow up phase. Building on their feedback the O4C team in Copenhagen have made their resources available to the 6 participating teams. This means engaging dialogue and ‘hooking them up’ with relevant stakeholders able to support their next possible...

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    Hack Integration in Copenhagen

    by  • November 18, 2016

    A summary of Hack Integration Hack Integration is the first of 2 hackathons hosted by OpenDataLab Copenhagen as part of the Open4Citizens project. The overall ambition of the project is to investigate the potential for new and improved welfare services by exploring the gap between open data and citizens’ ability to use open data...

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    Calendar of Hackathon events, first Cycle

    by  • October 7, 2016

    Barcelona: 17-18 September. Info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/opendatalab.barcelona Copenhagen: 7-9 October. Info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/Opendatalab-Copenhagen Rotterdam: 4-5 November. Info and Updates https://www.facebook.com/opendatalabrotterdam Karlstad: 12-13 November. Info: https://o4c-krp.confetti.events/ Milano: 17-18 December. Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1375724289126242/

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    by  • September 30, 2016

    Velkomsfesten, “Welcome Party”, is Denmark’s biggest integration event and is about taking care of the refugees who already live here cheap viagra usa. How do we help both Danes and refugees to get a job? What solutions makes refugees a resource for the community? How do we ensure Danish culture? Velkomsfesten was a good...

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    Pre-hack Event at VerdensKulturCentret

    by  • September 30, 2016

    On April 30th 2016, the Copenhagen based team hosted an explorative workshop at VerdensKulturCentret. Bringing together asylum seekers, students, researchers, nurses, interaction designers, volunteers, grassroots initiatives and curious citizens – to map out and prioritise urgent issues within the field of integration and migration. We brainstormed together and learned about the concrete experiences of...

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    First Pre-Hack meeting for the Danish Pilot

    by  • April 30, 2016

    The first Pre-hack meeting for the Copenhagen pilot was held at the VerdensKulturCentret to work around the experience of being a refugee, asylum seeker or otherwise ‘new’ in Denmark. From there we discussed and identified key challenges, needs and possibilities. Among others, we considered the challenges of: Mastering their own life, access information, healthcare, rights and...

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    Literature Review (Executive Summary)

    by  • April 18, 2016

    This literature review and field studies report is a catalogue of inspiration and examples to support the O4C consortium as we aim to make a difference by empowering citizens and engaging them with Open Data. Throughout the document we suggest key concerns to focus our project attention as we invite experimentation and exploration in...

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